Welcome: Malo e lelei

  Our Mission Vava’u Environmental Protection Association (VEPA) is dedicated to the conservation of Vava’u’s natural beauty through educational awareness, sustainable development and collaboration. Taumu’a Ngaue Ko e Malu’i pe Tauhi ko ia ‘o e ‘Atakai ‘o Vava’u pe koe…

Current Projects

VEPA designs and co-ordinates its projects to ensure ownership by the communities of their environment and ecosystems. We engage all social groups within communities in Vava’u through media and education, hands on projects, as well as collaboration with National Government…

Support Our Programs

All of the projects we run at VEPA are designed with community involvement from the start through to the completion and ongoing monitoring. Donations to VEPA are spent directly and wholly on conservation and awareness based programs.

Latest News

Fakamuna- An interview with nQako Concepts.

Story and photos by Aneira Hasson…. “I chose this design based on what Tongan’s call ‘tauhi vā’, which is the idea of special awareness. The coconut leaves of the structure are bound – similar to how a traditional Tongan house…

Cultural Food Preperation

Coastal fisheries are critically important to community livelihoods and reef habitat health. Programs such as community managed reefs (SMAs) are being developed to provide benefits to both biodiversity and livelihoods. In Tonga, many communities still practice traditional food preservation methods;…

Exploring the marine resources of Tonga

In May of 2017, a team of international and national marine researchers joined together on board the Yacht Plan b, through the Waitt Institute, to survey the near-shore marine habitats of Ha’apai and Vava’u for the Vava’u Ocean Initiative. The…

Beyond the Reef: Ocean Areas

Malo e lelei we are excited to introduce a new Ocean themed awareness campaign that will be soothing the radio waves over the next few months as well as being posted on bogs and websites. In order to ensure the…

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Species of the Month: Humphead Wrasse

Featured Photo credit: © Konstantin Tkachenko/Marine Photobank   Cheilinus undulatus – Tangafa                                 IUCN Red List of Species: Endangered Other common names: Napoleon wrasse, Maori wrasse….

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Upcoming Events…..

4th July – Kings Birthday (Public Holiday) 13th July – Agriculture Show The fun and the madness begins – check back soon for more details. 15th September – World Clean Up Day Get ready for another Plog!

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