Our Mission

To conserve and sustain the natural resources, environment and biodiversity of Tonga for resilient and healthy communities and future generations


VEPA provides an inclusive and people-centred approach to increasing biodiversity conservation, environment management and livelihood support. Learn more here

Key focus areas

VEPA has 4 key focus areas to support and enhance our mission and values.

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Latest News

  • An interns insight: Coral bleaching

    Blog post by Kirstie Corals are a beautifying agent of the ocean that connects you and me. These marine invertebrates that vary in color accommodates our marine wildlife, although it is mistaken at times as plants but are instead a fascinating marine animal. Corals have a mutually beneficial relationship with a specific type of microscopic… Read more

  • Team Member Updates…..

    Over the last few months and without easy communication access and in between Covid lockdowns the VEPA team has continued to change! Over the coming months we hope to share more stories from the team and especially the work through their lives and words! My name is Talita and I’m 20 years of age. I… Read more

  • 2021 in a very brief review…..

    2021 in a very brief review…..

    2021 was an intense year for the VEPA board and team, achieving many goals and highlights through the year. We know that vast challenges still lay ahead and that no one year will provide a solution however every small step taken is one step closer. We are as always very thankful to our funding and… Read more

  • Surveys for cultural and traditional knowledge on marine turtles

    With the support of the SPREP led By-catch and Integrated Ecosystem Management (BIEM) Initiative, Tonga’s Ministry for the Environment (MEIDECC), Ministry of Fisheries and VEPA are working together to update and collect community information on the cultural uses and traditional knowledge on marine turtles in Tonga. Tonga has four known species of marine turtles: hawksbill, green,… Read more

  • Field Blog: Partnerships for community fisheries

    Field Blog: Partnerships for community fisheries

    Blog by Sesimani Loni, SMA Project Manager, Vava’u Ocean Initiative Fisheries is one vital part of food security for all human being and here in Tonga most people rely on fisheries for daily consumptions and income however due to depletion of marine resources, especially from our coastal waters. The Ministry of Fisheries and Government of… Read more

  • Youth Field Report: Monitoring Red List Ecosystems with Department of Environment and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

    Youth Field Report: Monitoring Red List Ecosystems with Department of Environment and Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources.

    The first in a series of reports from the youth team, as they learn and explore working in the field and office. Grateful as always to the assistance of Lisa Fanua, Susana Ika and Sesimani Loni for their efforts to guide and support the youth team. Malo lahi to Department of Environment and Ministry of… Read more

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Photo @ Joe Lepore, Waitt Institute