Team Member Updates…..

Over the last few months and without easy communication access and in between Covid lockdowns the VEPA team has continued to change! Over the coming months we hope to share more stories from the team and especially the work through their lives and words!

My name is Talita and I’m 20 years of age. I grew up in Tonga and spend my whole life living in the island of Vava’u. I’m a Christian believer and member of Jehovah’s Witness. I belong to a poor family and I’m the youngest of five children. I lost two of my siblings five and three years ago. Life was pain at the time. 

My hobbies are reading, volunteering, playing games and singing. Back in high school Science and Geography was my two favorite subjects. In which I get to study about earth science, the environment and many more. But questions pop up like why do you like the environment? Actually because we live in the environment, we survive from the environment and our life depends on the environment. As I grew up in Vava’u I see how important the environment is to the people’s life. But one thing is that the people just can’t minimize littering, deforestation and polluting the environment. 

This issue can cause natural disaster and climate change which that affects the environment and its living thing. This has taught me why we need to contain human activities that destroys the environment and also gave me are meaning why I liked the environment that make me eager to fight for its safety. Therefore, try to give are meaning to yourself by take are look around your environment. 

Make it part of your daily work in life to keep our environment by contain activities that will affect it. We know our environment is one of our hopes in life that keeps you and me alive so make it happen! “KEEP OUR ENVIRONMENT CLEAN AND GREEN”. 

2 responses to “Team Member Updates…..”

  1. I am not at all surprised that VEPA Director Karen Stone, and all of the VEPA staff, have continued their dedication to expanding programs that make significant progress in protecting the Tongan environment, while a lot of other environmental protection efforts in the world have been on hold during COVID lock downs and other restrictions. Talita’s story is a great example of the success that results when the ‘younger generation’ recognizes the vital need for preserving, protecting and, when needed, rehabilitating the environment in their insular community. This is by no means an easy task, and Talita and all the others embracing this mission deserve a “well done” for efforts now and in the future. Your enthusiastic contributions to developing recognition in the local communities of the need to protect their local environment is a key ingredient in the VEPA long term environmental protection programs. I look forward to COVID restrictions being lifted so I can return to Vava’u and volunteer support for these efforts.


  2. Thank you for sharing this story! It always impresses me how influential VEPA’s work is. Educating the youth in Vava’u about sustainability and resilience is the best insurance for a “clean and green” environment. Way to go Talita!! Continue the good work!!


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