2021 in a very brief review…..

2021 was an intense year for the VEPA board and team, achieving many goals and highlights through the year. We know that vast challenges still lay ahead and that no one year will provide a solution however every small step taken is one step closer.

We are as always very thankful to our funding and technical partners, communities and everyone that is a part of the journey towards a better environment. We now close the year out and retain HOPE that 2022 will be another year of achievements, collaboration and steps towards a healthier environment. Enjoy some highlights of the work covered this year, special thanks and appreciation to the hard work of the team: Lisa, Sesimani, Susana, Mae’e, Lisi, Sesilia and the continued support, expertise and knowledge of the VEPA board.

We continued the battle for invasive species and developing new food security activities, we shared field trips and experience with communities!

Collaborated, shared and exchanged knowledge and experience across land and ocean programmes!

Thank you to everyone that was part of the journey of 2021, we wish everyone a safe and peaceful New Year, see you all next week!

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