Awareness Programs

VEPASchool-23School Awareness Program:

Currently partnered with eighteen schools across Vava’u (12 Primary Schools and 6 High Schools), our team at VEPA comes in yearly to teach four environmental topics. These include: mangroves and shorelines, reefs and oceans, climate change, and forests and farming.


Turning the Tide on Beach Pollution:

VEPA is working to engage youth groups and community members on reducing the plastics and waste littering our beaches and coastal areas. Some of our projects include running regular beach clean ups and building awareness of proper rubbish disposal through community discussions. For more information see our featured post


Crown-of-Thorns Removal Program:

The Crown-of Thorns starfish is a native but highly invasive species that destroys coral reef areas. VEPA is actively running removal programs of these starfish to maintain balanced and healthy coral reefs.

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