Our Mission

To conserve and sustain the natural resources, environment and biodiversity of Tonga for resilient and healthy communities and future generations


VEPA provides an inclusive and people-centred approach to increasing biodiversity conservation, environment management and livelihood support. Learn more here

Key focus areas

VEPA has 4 key focus areas to support and enhance our mission and values.

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Latest News

  • A Plastic Tail

    A Plastic Tail

    VEPA and the Ocean Ambassadors are joining forces to raise funds to recycle the plastics on our beaches and coastal areas. Fundraising Target: US$5,000 The funds collected will enable us to Build the Plastic Shredder machine Build the Plastics Compressor machine Build the Injection machine Support plastics collection by purchasing from the communities Creating the… Read more

  • Cultural Food Preperation

    Cultural Food Preperation

    Coastal fisheries are critically important to community livelihoods and reef habitat health. Programs such as community managed reefs (SMAs) are being developed to provide benefits to both biodiversity and livelihoods. In Tonga, many communities still practice traditional food preservation methods; in part due to limited electricity sources to freeze or refrigerate produce especially on the… Read more

  • Exploring the marine resources of Tonga

    Exploring the marine resources of Tonga

    In May of 2017, a team of international and national marine researchers joined together on board the Yacht Plan b, through the Waitt Institute, to survey the near-shore marine habitats of Ha’apai and Vava’u for the Vava’u Ocean Initiative. The marine surveys included coral cover, fish diversity and biomass and mobile invertebrates such as sea… Read more

  • Upcoming Events…..

    Upcoming Events…..

    4th July – Kings Birthday (Public Holiday) 13th July – Agriculture Show The fun and the madness begins – check back soon for more details. 15th September – World Clean Up Day Get ready for another Plog! Read more

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Photo @ Joe Lepore, Waitt Institute