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To conserve and sustain the natural resources, environment and biodiversity of Tonga for resilient and healthy communities and future generations


VEPA provides an inclusive and people-centred approach to increasing biodiversity conservation, environment management and livelihood support. Learn more here

Key focus areas

VEPA has 4 key focus areas to support and enhance our mission and values.

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Latest News

  • Part 1: Overview – Near-shore, Vava’u

    Part 1: Overview – Near-shore, Vava’u

    Up until the 1990’s, ocean areas within Tonga were declared as open access for all Tongans, in the hopes of allowing everyone equal and fair sharing of its resources. Over the years this caused a serious downfall in the status and health of the marine habitats, fish and invertebrate resources, that the communities heavily rely… Read more

  • Beyond the Reef: Ngaahi ‘elia ‘o e ‘Oseni

    Ngaahi ‘elia ‘o e ‘Oseni ‘I he’etau hiki atu mei he ngaahi matafanga pea mo e ngaahi nofo’anga hakau feo ‘I he tahi mamaha, tongo pea mo e ngaahi ‘elia matatahi, ‘oku liliu ‘e ‘oseni hono fotunga ha mai (maama( fakatupu ‘e he maama), mafana pea mo hono ivi malohi) pea pehe foki ki he… Read more

  • Beyond the Reef: Ocean Layers

    As we leave the shorelines and the shallow water habitats of coral reefs, mangroves and intertidal zones, the ocean changes its physical (light (photic), temperature and pressure) as well as biological and ecological characteristics. Within the deep ocean there are 5 specific interconnected vertical layers: Epipelagic or Photic Layer: found within the upper 200 meters… Read more

  • Beyond the Reef: Ocean Areas

    Malo e lelei we are excited to introduce a new Ocean themed awareness campaign that will be soothing the radio waves over the next few months as well as being posted on bogs and websites. In order to ensure the sustainability of our oceans, we need to understand the current uses, issues and threats that… Read more

  • Species of the Month: Humphead Wrasse

    Species of the Month: Humphead Wrasse

    Featured Photo credit: © Konstantin Tkachenko/Marine Photobank   Cheilinus undulatus – Tangafa                                 IUCN Red List of Species: Endangered Other common names: Napoleon wrasse, Maori wrasse. Family: Wrasses/Labridae                          … Read more

  • Fakamuna- An interview with nQako Concepts.

    Fakamuna- An interview with nQako Concepts.

    Story and photos by Aneira Hasson…. “I chose this design based on what Tongan’s call ‘tauhi vā’, which is the idea of special awareness. The coconut leaves of the structure are bound – similar to how a traditional Tongan house would have been – and I just wanted to have fun with it, play around,… Read more

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Photo @ Joe Lepore, Waitt Institute